Basilica of Saint John Lateran

Hi guys I’m so glad your taking the time to read this. Please forgive me because I know this is so far off topic even for me. But and it’s a very big BUT I really think you should take a look at this link. Even if your not remotely religious you have got to be impressed with this.

Basilica of Saint John Lateran


Use your cursor to click and drag, and you can move to the ceiling or 360 degrees or take any perspective you wish to take.  You can zero in on the smallest feature of a painting. Remember the close-up tool is your friend — (lower left corner).

You can spend as much or as little time as you want on it, keep it permanently if you wish, and explore it at leisure.  Don’t forget to turn up the volume on your speakers, Whether you have seen the Vatican or not, you have never seen it this well…This is truly amazing.

Click your mouse here:  Vatican Basiliche Tour

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FREE Internet Marketing Guides

Hi everybody and thank you all for dropping by and giving up your most valuable asset (your time) to read my blog!!

Well some week s ago some of you may remember that I came across this Great Traffic Generation Report that I bought then asked if I could give it away on my blog, and was told yes I could and so I did. I know a lot of you have downloaded it and I hope it’s working as well for you as it is for me.

Well because of the response I received I decided to look for some more FREE  products that I could give away to everyone that reads my blog and shares my content around with others. Because whether you choose to buy into it or not sooner or later it’s going to dawn on you that in order to make a living online you are going to have to give away a lot of value for free. It’s almost expected of you before people take you serious. Now this can be you own product that is you think is good and will benefit others or you can use someone else’s like I do. But one word of caution when using someone else’s product make sure you or someone you trust has read it to make sure the content is good.

So here’s what I have for you this time.

1. Advanced SEO Techniques

2. Affiliate Marketing Master

3. Blogging For Cash

4. Dominate The Web 2.0 Market

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6. Super Joint Venture Secrets

7. Viral Traffic Generation

Now all 7 of these eBooks are 100% free for you download and start using straight away to help you carve out your piece of this internet pie. If you look at some of these titles, what I’ve done there is try to find things that people of all levels can read and get something out of.

I learnt a long time ago that “It’s what you learn after you think you know it all that’s important”. Please don’t think you have been doing this to long to be taught anything new.

Take action now while someone is giving you something good for free and DOWNLOAD the FREE eBooks here even if you store them and read them at a later date do it now. I’m willing to guess that a few of you will say I have a lot to read already I’ll come back and get these another time and I’m also willing to bet a dollar against a dog biscuit that you will never come back and download them. How do I know because I have done it myself and then I can’t remember what site it was on or the person took it down blah blah blah. So here’s the download page

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Mekong River / Catfish

Hi guys and thanks for stopping by.

As you all know this is not one of my usual type of posts, but when I saw this video I just felt compelled to share it with everyone. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not an Eco warrior or an Animal Rights activist, but I do eat a lot of fish (not catfish I might add).

I recently received this in an email from a friend of mine with this message.

“You can buy this fish at  WalMart/Asda or your favorite seafood restaurant. I’ve been offered this in two different local restaurants, but refused it since I wasn’t familiar with it, Just look for the made in Vietnam label.”

I have never eaten catfish and probably never will but you guys can make up your own mind.

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A Great Traffic Generation Report!

Hi everyone and thanks for dropping by!

Last week I bought this great report on Generating Traffic to your website. Since starting to implement some of the strategies I’ve notice a bit more traffic coming through. It is early days though I might point out, but the early signs look promising.

What I do know is that when it comes to building an online business, being able to generate targeted, quality traffic is vital to your success.

Even if you are not currently promoting a product or service of your own, but are instead involved in affiliate marketing or CPA offers, you still need to be able to generate traffic in order to create profitable campaigns.

For many people new to online marketing, the first step in building an online presence involves creating a newsletter that targets a specific niche market. Again, you will need to know how to generate traffic to your squeeze page in order to build your lists and monetize your email campaigns.

One of the things that got me excited about this report and I’ve read loads of them was when I read:

“Thankfully, setting up effective traffic campaigns isn’t difficult or

expensive. In fact, you can build a high-powered traffic funnel absolutely free if youʼre willing to dedicate the time and effort into taking a grassroots approach to online marketing”.

Now I don’t know about you but when I read not difficult or expensive, it always gets me interested. Don’t get me wrong I’m not naive enough to think that inside this report was going to be the magic formula where I don’t have to do anything. But here a few of the things I found inside the report: –

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Building Backlinks
  3. Article Marketing
  4. Social Networking
  5. PPC Marketing
  6. Social Bookmark Traffic
  7. Submit To Directories
  8. Becoming An Active Blogger

You know when you read something that you can’t wait to finish so you can get started, well that’s I how I was feeling. I was so pleased with the information that I immediately contacted the vendor and asked if I could give the report away as an opt in, which he agreed to as long as I don’t mention the name of the report on my blog. Because he sells it for $12 so I can see his point.

If you want a copy you can fill in the form to your right and start driving targeted traffic to your site/blog today.

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The Future of Shopping

This post is just a bit of fun :)

What a great product for husbands taking their wife clothes shopping….

I think it should be compulsory in all women’s clothes shops.

Now that is what we mean when we say leverage your time lol.

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How To Sell Your Soul As An Internet Marketer – Is Your Marketing Strategy Leading You To A Date With The Devil?

The question “how to sell your soul as an internet marketer” is a very tough one for many internet marketers. There is no doubt that wrong marketing strategies are definitely going to lead you to a date with the devil. One of the biggest sin committed by many internet marketers are invading into the privacy of other people.

When you choose social media marketing, you need to interact with your online friends to build a relationship. Social media is all about socializing and there are people with different characters. Always make sure that you are at the heights of manner and you should never lose your temper against any provocation. Try to be patient and address the concerns of others.

Many people believe that building an email list of millions of people and sending those newsletters will help you to promote your business. In reality, the chances are high that you will end up in the spam list of major email service providers. Sending and receiving emails can be a difficult task for you. Try to personalize your newsletters as much as possible so that you can reduce the chances of them ending at someone’s spam mailbox.

No Keyword stuffing to get more hits! Yes that’s true. The kind of traffic you get from keyword stuffing will not last longer because people will realize that you are a spammer very soon. There are chances of search engines blacklisting your website. If they do so, your site will not come when someone is performing a search with the keywords that you entered.

Creating content for your website is a great way to get it listed on the front page of search engines but keyword stuffed content is going to do more harm than good. People may visit your site once but never again. This is what keyword stuffed; poor quality content can deliver to you. Make sure that you are using some informative content and the information you share with people are truthful.

So, you have created great content, you are doing a little bit of blogging and following several people on Twitter. It is a very good thing but this is not good enough to build your business. Once you follow all these steps, you will surely get noticed but only for a very short time. It is your duty to remind others about your existence. Keep on adding content to your blog and update your website on a weekly basis.

Most of the successful internet marketing professional update their blogs on a daily basis and their websites will be updated every day. If the market scenario changes, you should also change accordingly. Submitting articles to article directories should be carried out throughout your business promotion campaign. Whenever people search on internet with keywords relevant to your business, you should make sure that your website is also getting displayed on search engines.

How to Sell Yourself.

A few months ago my 19 year nephew asked me for some advice on an interview he was attending. So I wrote down some notes and pointers for him. A couple of weeks ago a came across those notes and decided to make a post out of it.

Everyone for once in their life needs to attend an interview and get a job that he applied for. A formal interview is one of the most important episodes in one’s life as there is always an apprehension of what questions will be asked and how should one respond. But all those who have a little problem of butterflies in the stomach, week knees and dry throat while sitting for an interview, well we say ‘relax’!

The first impression is the best impression and one needs to know how to give their best short, so as to bag the job. There are some common mistakes that people commit while sitting for an interview. An interview is all about selling yourself, so just like selling a product, you have to make yourself look, feel and speak well.

3 fatal mistakes interviewees make when trying to make a great first impression are:

1 Poor body language:

A good body language is all about being confident and energetic. Interviewers like to see smart confident people who are enthusiastic about their job. Do not appear shabbily dressed and lean back on the chair. This shows a very lazy image. But instead try to sit straight and may be sometimes lean forward to show that you are interested in listening to what the interviewer is saying. Make a firm handshake and always have direct eye contact with the person you are talking to. This shows firmness.

2 Poor communication skills

Poor communication skills would show if you seem to be non-attentive and easily distracted. Good communication skills include your attentiveness and letting the other person know that you have heard them and respond accordingly. Observe what your interviewer needs you to talk about and make them hear exactly what they want to hear. Try not to talk about age, color, sex, religion etc. this can get the door slammed right at your face. Do not try to teach your interviewer. Informing them of something that they don’t know will not be a good idea.

3 Not questioning when asked to

When the interviewers ask you if you have any questions to ask? DO NOT say ‘no’. This is the highly committed mistake by many interviewees. Asking question shows that you are interested in the job and want to understand more. Listen carefully during the interview and when you need to ask questions frame question from the conversation held. This will impress the interviewers. Moreover this is your chance to know more about the job, and how the company works. This can let you figure out if the job is the right choice or not. But remember to always keep your answer simple and straight.

Do not panic for an interview as the people who are interviewing you have all gone through the same procedure and felt the same. Being relaxed and taking it easy is the right way to handle an interview. Self-confidence is the only thing you need to carry along with you. Your resume is only secondary.

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What Is The Point Of Worrying?

I often find myself asking “What is the point of worrying”, when my wife says “Chris why is it that you worry about so very few things”? Well lets just think about that for a minute. An old Kirby friend of mine Ernie Villanueva used to say “show me a person who has ever made any money out of worrying and I’ll worry for the rest of the world”. So in that statement we’ve established that worrying doesn’t make us any money!

I’m convinced a worrying thought is a negative thought. Because for some reason most people always think of the worse things first. You never hear someone say “I’m so worried I’m going to make lots of money if I do this or I’m so worried I’m going to enjoy myself if I do that”. No it’s always doom and gloom.

The reality is that 95% of what we worry about never happens and the other 5% you couldn’t stop anyway so what is the point of worrying? Enough clever one liners Chris and tell me how you remain virtually worry free I hear you ask! (I say virtually because even I with all my experience am prone to the odd wobble up lol).

What I try to do is two fold:-

1. Try to keep an open mind about what your challenge is.

2. Workout your WPO.




Because once you have established the WPO, it becomes a lot easier to find a solution in advance if the worse does come to pass. But like I said earlier 95% of what we worry about never happens.

With the exception of my family, I try not to rent space in my head to anyone or anything. Because everything else in my life is just commentary.

I also read somewhere (probably Tony Robbins or Zig Ziglar) that the mind can only think of one thought at a time. Be it positive or negative it’s only ever one thought.

So the next time you find yourself having a little worry up! Ask yourself this “WHAT IS THE POINT OF WORRYING“? Then open your mind up to the challenge and ask yourself what is my WPO and then let it go.

I hope you have either enjoyed reading or have got something from this or both. If so please feel free to share it around your own groups.

Take care


5 Steps to Finding a New Sales Career Online

If you are a person who is interested in business but do not want to risk investing in it, a job in sales can be a good choice for you. Sales career will give you the pleasure of doing business and you can also enjoy a fair share of profit. The best thing is that you don’t have to risk your assets to gain a promising future. This is even better when you try to establish a new sales career online.

Internet is a powerful medium and the business opportunities are very promising. These five steps will help you to start and establish a very good sales career online.

1. Do Research – This is the first step that you should do before starting a new sales career online. There are several internet marketing discussion boards, blogs and websites where you can find information. These places help you to find out how much money you have to spend, how much a web hosting service will cost, what are the best internet marketing strategies and where to find an online consultant. Since people from all over the world are present in such communities, you can get some help from someone who live close to your place.

2. Choose the Right Niche – So you heard the best thing to make money is blogging but you don’t have experience in this field. As a salesman, you worked for a publishing company and your experience is in selling books. Which niche should you choose? Many experts suggest that you should always stick to a niche where you have some experience. It may be true that blogging can generate a lot of money but you know nothing about it. Learning from mistakes may not be a wise decision in the beginning itself.

3. Invest Less – It doesn’t matter the possibilities of your new business, start with lower investments. Creating a blog or website is not going to cost a lot even if you are looking for top end features. The only wise investment may be paying to search engines like Google and Yahoo for getting your site displayed among their top results. But you should always calculate the income you are generating from this advertising strategy. If you find this to be profitable stick to this.

4. Let The World Know About You – This is vital in any sales career and you can’t succeed in internet marketing without coming out from clouds. You can use your Facebook account or blog to share necessary professional information with the world. If you can get some recommendations from well known personalities in the industry; that is going to help you better.

Use Marketing Strategies – You can use social media networking, blogging and article submission to promote your business. Video marketing is also a very helpful tool. These are not very expensive either. All you need to do is read some tutorials about these marketing techniques and gain some knowledge before seeking some live action.

The Fear of Taking Action.

In my experience what stops most people from achieving greatness in their life, or from even starting to live their life is their fear of taking action.

What causes this is mainly down to their self-confidence and their fear of failure. What I have learnt is that one feeds off the other, either they have experienced some kind of failure in the past and so their confidence is low or their confidence is low from the start and they fear failure. Either way they procrastinate about getting started and never take action.

So how do we remedy this? Well part of it is understanding what’s holding us back in the first place, and in most cases it’s FEAR! So what is fear really?





“A guy walks into a bank with a banana in his pocket says to the cashier give me the money or I’ll shoot, the cashier hands over the money”. The evidence was false but it appeared real.

Susan Jeffers wrote a great book called “Feel The Fear and Do It anyway”.  Susan inspires people with many dynamic techniques and profound concepts that have helped millions throughout the world grab hold of their fears and move forward with their lives. I’ve recommended this book to hundreds of people, because it so simple yet so powerful.

I want to talk to you now! If you are the type of person that is afraid of failure let me tell you this. You are going to miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Only by taking action can you start to live the kind of life you would like to live.

We all have many excuses why we put things off, but an excuse is nothing but a thought out lie.

Imagine how few people there would be in this world if everyone waited till they could afford to have children? I know I wouldn’t have been born till my Dad was 65 :)

So in closing never let your self-doubts hold you back, step up to the plate and take action.

Please think about what action you could take over the next week that could seriously change your life for the better, and once you have that thought take action and follow through.

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Bye for now :)